Become a Partner!

Invite new people to start as consultants and earn extra income.

Faberlik „Partner“-Turn yourself on!

Invite new people to start as consultants, or become our clients and earn extra income.


The program gives you two options:

  1. Become a partner and earn completely passive income
  2. Works as a leader

Become a Partner

As our partner, you get a unique personal code.

When you invite someone to join us, be it a consultant or a client, you provide your code.

In order to be counted novoregistriraliât to you and to be able to collect your cash bonus, the person you invited should make your registration on our site and enter your code in the registration box.

When these people make orders, they get a different number of points, depending on the amount of the order.

The cash bonus you receive is calculated as follows:

Points multiplied by 1.5 = Х

x multiplied by 5% = your winnings

Example: If the person who placed an order was invited by you and has made 200 points, then we have the following:

200 by 1.5 = 300

300 5% = 15

15 Leva will be your winnings.

If you invite 30 people who have orders of 50 points, then-30 * 50 = 1500; 1500 * 1.5 = 2250; 2250 * 5% = 112,5 Leva.

The winnings you can win are only considered by the first order of Novoregistriraliât!

Your work is detected once a week.

On your email, you get a full report about how many people used your code to register and how much they made an order.

The money you earned is paid once a month to your bank account.

Works as a leader

If you work as a leader, then apart from a unique personal code, you also have a personal profile where you make registrations of new consultants or clients yourself.

Just like the first way, people invited by you make orders and receive different number of points depending on the amount of the order.

In the case when you work as a leader, your winnings are determined in the following way:

Points multiplied by 1.8 = Х

x multiplied by 3%-23% = your winnings

The percentage you can get here varies depending on the leadership level you lend.

To reach a high leadership level, then your group (the people invited by you) must make a certain number of points.

Example: If you have several people who have placed orders in total for 600 points, then in this case you are at leader level

600 by 1.8 = 1080

1080 by 6% = 64.8

64.8 Leva will be your winnings.

If you invite 30 people who have orders of 50 points, then-30 * 50 = 1500; 1500 * 1.8 = 2700; 2700 * 15% = 405 BGN.

In this case, amounts up to 400 leva are send in your company account, and with this money you can pay your own orders.

Amounts above 400 Leva are received in a bank account.

Differences between the two Varânta

When you are our partner-pluses;

  • You shouldn’t be making registrations for new people.
  • You do not need to train new consultants, we will do this for you
  • You get income without doing anything other than inviting new people
  • You don’t have to make orders from your personal profile

When you are our partner-minuses;

  • You get a small% bonus

When you are a leader-pluses;

  • The cash bonuses you get are much bigger

When your leader-cons;

  • You must drop a minimum of 50 points to be able to gain profit from the people who are registered by you
  • Train New Consultants

How do I join?

If you want to become our partner, you don’t need registration, just your two names and email address, so I can send you your unique code as well as a page to help you recruit new consultants.

If you want to be a Leader, then we need to make one simlpe, fast and free registration.