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мрежов маркетинг

I know, now you’re going to start with the objections!

„I have no time“-the profession of consultant leader, creates long-term residual income. The time used now will bring more time and freedom later.

„I have no money“-to start as a consultant in Faberlik is required exactly zero euro initial investment! Maybe what you’re going to have to pay at the beginning is a few catalogues. But most likely I will send them to you free of charge, so it remains only the price of a courier service, which in most cases is 4-5 leva.

„My acquaintance tried and failed“-just because your girlfriend had negative things to say doesn’t mean you’re going to have the same experience and just because she failed doesn’t mean you won’t succeed.

„I don’t know a lot of people“-no need for a ton of friends or family to have success! You just have to be sure of yourself. Anyone can become part of your team–whether it’s your close acquaintance, your neighbor, the waitress in the coffee shop, or even your colleagues and colleges.

„I need to think“-of course, you can think about it as long as you want, but every day you procrastinate is a day where you can skip the next sale, or a new member in your organization. You can’t wait for success to come alone. You have to go and win it!

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